Ethics and the Environment

In our contemporary world, turning a blind eye to the consequences of our actions is not a luxury we can afford - not for our own future and certainly not for our children’s. We are resolutely dedicated to ensuring that our apparel is sourced from ethically conscious producers who not only uphold fair wages but also maintain safe working conditions. We have personally set foot in the factories where our shirts take shape and can confidently attest to the safe, responsible working environment, marked by the provision of adequate compensation.
Addressing another pressing concern of our times - the pervasive use of plastic - we're actively working towards minimising its use in our packaging and overall operational practices. For our dispatch process, we opt for paper envelopes or biodegradable plastic. We have worked with our suppliers and they are now sending out our shirts in biodegradable bags ensuring a more sustainable future. We will continue to work with our factories to work on best practice for all involved.


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