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Putting a bit of colour into our lives!

Our Journey

The start of Bobby V was in 2015, fuelled by an eye-opening trip to India and a memorable stint in Jaipur.

The sight of the captivating block printed fabrics set the wheels in motion.

Having been immersed in the fashion industry since the '90s, I've always been captivated by the allure of fashion, with a special soft spot for vibrant shirts. This was the perfect chance to dive back into the rag trade!

The path to perfection came with a fair share of obstacles, with several factories failing to meet expectations and challenges in achieving the desired product. However, this rollercoaster ride eventually culminated in the creation of a line of shirts that I'm thrilled to associate with my name and I can't wait for you to experience them!

Working hand in hand with artisans of Jaipur, we're able to produce shirts that are not just visually stunning, but also limited in quantity. This means we keep away from over-saturating the market with the same print, ensuring that our range stays exciting and regularly refreshed.

“My family and I are never happier than when we are either by or in the sea, so I’ve named the shirts after bays and beaches, some I’ve been to, others I would like to. I've tried to names the shirts after beaches which I think reflect the feel of the shirt.”

Bobby V.